[Spice-devel] Performance over VPN

Ian Barron ian at roqc.no
Tue Dec 20 02:23:20 PST 2011

Hi ,


We are trying Spice as a potential solution for remote access to a VM. (to
replace VNC and NX).


The current installation is :-

Host:  Fedora 16

Guest (VM): CentOS 5.7


Qemu-kvm :  0.15.1

Spice : 0.10.0



Windows 7 64 :  









Performance over the LAN is everything we had hoped for. Our problem comes
with performance (or lack of it) over VPN.  With traffic over VPN (even with
latency under 20ms) the client is so slow and with such a delay that it is
almost impossible to control the mouse. 

I've tried digging in the archives and only found a very old reference to
loading the qxl drivers on the client. .  


Can anyone suggest what I am missing ? or is this a known current problem
with Spice?





Ian Barron


General Manager

RoQC DataManagement AS

Ryfylkeveien 1741

4120 Tau



Tlf:     +47 90615416

email:   <mailto:ian at roqc.no> ian at roqc.no

URL:     <http://www.roqc.com> www.roqc.com


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