[Spice-devel] VideoStream - MJpeg Encode/Decode.

Naga Mohan Pothula nagamohan.pothula at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 09:17:58 PST 2011


I have doubt on MJpeg encode/decode module. I've seen Frame rect with ODD format is not accepting by MJpegDecoder at "convert_scanline" function.

ASSERT(_width % 2 == 0);
ASSERT(_height % 2 == 0);
Spice session crash happens due to this assertion.

Why the decoder accepts only EVEN format frames? If this is the case why we are not going to restrict at MJpeg Encoder rather than keeping an assertion at MJpeg Decoder. 
How we are dealing with ODD format Frame rects for MJpeg? 

Appreciated your help.

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