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Fri Jul 1 06:12:10 PDT 2011

SPICE worked so well because it was not transferring the screen as an
image but rather making native calls to the client's graphics engine,
thus, in my ignorance, I suppose we would be sending GDI commands to a
Windows client and X(?) to a Linux client (as you can tell, I know far
less about graphics rendering that I should).  However, I see all these
configuration options for compressing images so I really don't know if
SPICE is transferring images or making low level graphic calls to the
client's underlying graphics subsystem.

Perhaps SPICE is capable of both.  The overview documents do talk about
rendering on the client when possible but if the client is weak (for
lack of a better term), the rendering can happen on the server.  I
wonder how I can tell where my rendering is occurring?

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