[Spice-devel] Clipboard sharing...

Naga Mohan Pothula nagamohan.pothula at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 14:42:54 PDT 2011


Thank you for your prompt responses. Sorry for delay replying.

Win7 x64 Guest is configured with Virtio-serial channel by specifying "-device virtio-serial" at Qemu options.

QXL driver v8.0 is installed into Guest.

Guest allowed me to install vdservice but vdservice could not be started.
Attaching vdagent and vdservice logs from Win7 x64 guest.

Please let me know where I have missed for setting up clipboard sharing.

Appreciated your help in advance.


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Andrew Cathrow wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> I downloaded Spice v0.8.1/v0.8.0 and tested for Clipboard sharing on
>> Win7 x64, RHEL 6.1 Beta x64 Guests connected from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
>> client.
>> I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to host KVM Hypervisor/Spice Server.
> I don't know the state of qemu-kvm support for SPICE in Ubuntu, but if you'd asked me this question about Fedora, RHEL or upstream I'd ask ...
> - Was the guest running the spice agent (vdagent) 
> - Was the guest configured with a virtio-serial channel for communication with the agent?
>> I tried for copy/paste operations of text. Clipboard sharing is not
>> working even for text. I've noticed Clipboard sharing feature is in
>> progress from spice site.
>> I noticed from git repository that Clipboard sharing for images is
>> going on.
>> Can you please let me know when this feature copy/paste operations for
>> text, images be available?
>> Regards,
>> Naga.
Assuming you have the Win7 guest with virtio-serial & qxl drivers 
installed correctly,
as well as vdagent/vdservice installed & running,
-please send the agent logs \windows\temp\vdagent.log 
-and your client log ~/.spicec/spicec.log
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