[Spice-devel] Multi-monitor

Lauro lauro.balderas at suncorp.com.au
Sun May 29 20:22:53 PDT 2011


If someone here have an answer I will really appreciate a simple answer/guidance
to these issues that at least are not clear for me. I went through to the whole
documentation available on spice-space and I did some research on Google
regarding multi-monitors using SPICE. Dual monitors work as a charm on Windows
XP&7 after I installed qxl drivers and vdagent on GuestOS. The problem is when I
try to set-up dual-monitors on Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 10.04.

I am using virt-manager 0.8.7, spice 0.8.1.

Fedora 14:
QXL drivers and vdagent were also installed on Fedora 14 (GuestOS) and actually
I get higher video resolution on the GuestOS. However even if I launch the KVM
using Spice Server with 2 qxl devices I am not able to get the 2 monitors
(Windows is picking up automatically the 2 qxl devices, but Fedora isn't)

Ubuntu 10.04:
When starting the KVM using qxl device I get an "out of range pointer" message.
Funny thing is that the GuestOS doesn't complain is I use the cirrus device. QXL
was also installed and configured on Ubuntu 10.04 (using
xf86-video-qxl-0.0.12.tar.gz) following Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4
or higher virtual machines to use SPICE that basically explain of to set qxl on
the xorg.conf file.

Is there any reason why Windows is detecting my 2 qxl devices and why my Linux
distributions are not detecting the qxl devices?

Any comment, guidance, answer and suggestion will be greatly appreciated

Kind regards,

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