[Spice-devel] Send event to virtual desktop on "disconnect" screen

Antonio Perez-Aranda aperezaranda at yaco.es
Thu Nov 24 02:45:49 PST 2011

Hi guys,

I need to active XscreenSaver or similar (P.E send Ctrl-L keys on
gnome or call to gnome-screensaver --lock) on running virtual machine
after the client and machine break the Spice connection. Is this
possible? maybe with spicevmc or similar?

Antonio Pérez-Aranda Alcaide
aperezaranda at yaco.es

Yaco Sistemas S.L.
C/ Rioja 5, 41001 Sevilla
Teléfono +34 954 50 00 57
Fax      +34 954 50 09 29

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