[Spice-devel] Windows 7 guest blue screens when trying to remote desktop in

Damien Churchill damoxc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 02:32:55 PDT 2011

On 4 September 2011 08:04, Yonit Halperin <yhalperi at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 08/31/2011 03:55 PM, Damien Churchill wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Are the patches you spoke of the ones that have recently been
>> committed to the git repository?
>> Regards,
>> Damien
> Hi,
> Yes. You can download the binaries:
> http://spice-space.org/download/binaries/qxl-0.10-20112808.zip
> Please let me know if it helped with the BSOD you saw.
> Thanks,
> Yonit.

Hi, really sorry, I must have forgotten to reply, I thought I had.
They have indeed fixed the issue I was experiencing, thank you very


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