[Spice-devel] [spice-gtk 1/2] configure.ac: improve vala detection

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Mon Apr 2 04:40:20 PDT 2012


On 04/02/2012 12:38 PM, Marc-André Lureau wrote:
> Hi
> ----- Mensaje original -----
>> Currently, configure doesn't check for vala, nor set vala related
>> variables unless --enable-vala was passed. autogen.sh automatically
>> pass --enable-vala if controller.vala.stamp doesn't exist. However,
>> this is not enough since if controller.vala is newer than
>> controller.vala.stamp, we will need to regenerate the vala files,
>> and for that the vala tools are needed.
>> This commit doesn't fully fix this issue, but it at least autodetect
>> vala unless --disable-vala is passed, which will help on systems
>> where
>> vala is installed, but where --enable-vala wasn't explicitly passed.
> In a release tarball, I would prefer it doesn't autodetect vala, but rather have people explicitly enable it. In theory, you really don't vala in this case, unless you do something special...

How about just making the --enable-vala in autogen.sh unconditionally?
Even if controller.vala is not newer than controller.vala.stamp when
running autogen.sh, it can still become newer later, without an
autogen.sh happening afterwards. I've hit this several times already,
and atm I just always manually pass --enable-vala to autogen.sh
whenever I re-run autogen.sh



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