[Spice-devel] using spice together with rdp, problem with mouse

me,apporc appleorchard2000 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 01:17:38 PST 2012

We use spice together with rdp, in our production envrionment.

Because it is well to use spice with playing video, but the spice client in
windows doesn't support usb redirection by now.

In our environment, our clients want to use them together.

Problem is that, every time they switch from rdp to spice when connecting a
windows virtual machine, they can't use their mouse with spice, but the
keyboard is ok.

And, when they can't use mouse in that situation, they can restart the RHEV
spice agent service, just stop it (as if it is running) or start it (as if
it is stopped), then the mouse will be ok .

Does anyone have some advice about this, if it is an unknown bug, then how
could we debug this. Could someone give us some direction.

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