[Spice-devel] clipboard

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at zoho.com
Mon Sep 15 14:00:18 PDT 2014

On 09/15/2014 12:47 AM, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> Hey,
> On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 01:52:59PM -0700, ToddAndMargo wrote:
>> How do you enable copy and paste from a Windows VM to
>> the host Linux machine?
> You need to have the SPICE agent running in the Windows guests, and the
> VM needs to have the needed devices for guest/host communication, see
> http://people.freedesktop.org/~teuf/spice-doc/html/ch02s05.html
> This will give you c&p between the client machine and the guest, which
> may or may not be the same as the host. The host is the machine where
> you run QEMU, the client is the machine where you run the SPICE client
> (remote-viewer) in order to connect to the VM you are interested in
> using the SPICE protocol.
> Christophe

Hi Christophe,

I was running a bunch of stuff with virt-manager's viewer.
Switch back to Spice fixed it.

Thank you!


Believe it or not, I had forgotten why I used Spice.

I also run two XP VM's, mainly to run Citrix's Go To
Assist Express.  The clipboard works for a while and then
your have to shut the vm's down and reboot.

I don't think that situation will get any better
very soon.  Citrix wants me in a native Windows
machine.  They also want me in W7+.  But with
being able to run W7 and W8 in vm's as well,
I can easily see how much slower and more
unstable they are than XP.  And when I am remote
assisting someone, I really, really do not want to
deal with slow and unstable.  Which is why I have
two XP vm's: if one won't run then the other one
will, until I have time to fix the first.  (Usually
I just restore the image from backup.)

Citrix does sound like they are thinking about support
Linux from the Agent side.  Maybe ...

Computers are like air conditioners.
They malfunction when you open windows

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