[Spice-devel] W8.0 video drivers

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at zoho.com
Tue Sep 16 10:19:57 PDT 2014

> On Po, 2014-09-15 at 14:14 -0700, ToddAndMargo wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is there a way to get the guest additions (spice-guest-tools-0.74.exe)
>> to work with the original Windows 8.0 (no service packs, just
>> Frankenstein himself off the OEM CD).  I am trying to get the
>> video driver to install and it keeps telling me I have the wrong
>> version of Windows.
>> Many thanks,
>> -T

On 09/15/2014 11:51 PM, David Jaša wrote:> Hi,
> there is no QXL driver for Windows 8 available yet. The QXL driver is
> built on top of XPDM API that is not available in Windows 8 anymore. The
> new QXL driver based on more recent WDDM API is not available yet
> unfortunately so you're stuck with vga driver on Windows 8 guests.
> David

That explains it.  Thank you.

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