[Spice-devel] [PATCH xf86-video-qxl] In XSpice audio, fully clear the data structure; silences valgrind warnings.

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Fri Sep 19 07:09:43 PDT 2014

Hey Christophe,

Thanks for the patch review.

>> +    memset(&data, 0, sizeof(data));
> Could this be written as struct audio_data data = { 0, }; or something
> like that?


Note, though, that afaict, memset(...0...) seems more prevalent in the 
spice code than the universal zero initializer.

But I need to break my grumpy K&R edition 1 only ways, so it'll be a 
good exercise for me <grin>.

> The memset(data.buffer, 0, data.buffer_bytes); call below becomes
> redundant if I''m not mistaken.

No, that's malloc'd.  (I suppose it should probably be a calloc, but I'd 
feel that would be out of scope for this patch).



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