[Spice-devel] why the performance of video is so bad?

jiangdahui jdh1988 at yeah.net
Wed Sep 24 23:52:59 PDT 2014

I use spice with the kvm,the computer which run kvm is enough, because when I connect the VM with RDP,the video can play smoothly,but not when with spice.

the strange thing is that:I read the spice_protocol specification,and learned that msgs like RED_DISPLAY_STREAM_XXX are used for video playback,but when the VM
was playing video,I find that the client did not recieve some of those kinds of msgs--I add printf to the places where client send and recieve msg.

I promise to my boss to do something to improve the performance of video playing,I think first I should understand how the video system works,and I do not know the mechanism
of how qemu control the video playing,so need I to understand qemu,or at least the parts related to spice?

please give me some advice.
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