[Spice-devel] ANNOUNCE: spice-gtk v0.34 released

Marc-André Lureau marcandre.lureau at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 13:32:49 UTC 2017


The Spice team is pleased to release a new spice-gtk version 0.34,
with the following highlights:

IMPORTANT NOTE: this should be the last release with the
spice-controller library.

The spice-controller is a small library to let NPAPI browser plugins
communicate with the spice client. Major browser vendors began to
phase out NPAPI support in 2013. As an alternative, remote-viewer learned
to connect with a connection/settings file of mime type
as early as February 2013 with v0.5.5.

- add VP9 codec support
- API: add spice_display_change_preferred_video_codec_type()
- API: add new SpiceCursorChannel:cursor property, deprecate "cursor-set" signal
- API: spice_audio_new() is no longer in public header (it was deprecated
  for a long while)
- fix clipboard crash and other regressions from 0.33
- report invalid or stopped streams to the server
- use playbin instead of decodebin with gstreamer > 1.9
- support GST_DEBUG_BIN_TO_DOT_FILE debug
- deprecate a few esoteric options from --spice group:
  --spice-color-depth, --spice-cache-size, --spice-glz-window-size used
  mainly for development. They may be available with spicy in the future.
- win32: handle failures when starting win-usb manager
- win32: removed windows usb-clerk support, replaced by UsbDk
- win32: fix alt-tab & grab issues
- spicy learned to tweak codec preference, cancel transfer, and resize
  precisely for debugging purposes
- use keycodemapdb submodule, drop perl(Text::CSV) dependency
- file-xfer: fix bad filename encoding
- file-xfer: handle new error kind
- build-sys fixes for macos
- replace some deprecated gtk code
- memory leak fixes, new tests


e588a87a3e52e79971973cd828730cf64787cef4  spice-gtk-0.34.tar.bz2

Marc-André Lureau

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