[Spice-devel] Can't write from guest to host with webdav

Koopa Koopa codingkoopa at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 17:17:51 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I'm looking to share a folder between my Arch Linux host and a Windows 10
guest, and SPICE's folder sharing with webdav seems to be the best option
for me. I've set up the QEMU devices that webdav needs, and installed the
Windows service. I have the drive mapped, and am able to navigate the host
folder (apart from the occasional "Windows cannot access
\\localhost at 9843\DavWWWRoot\"
that doesn't occur again), and copy files from the host to the guest. When
trying to copy a new file (with data) or write to an existing file from the
guest, though, the application (e.g. File Explorer, or other programs which
save files) hangs for a little bit, before the transaction fails. For File
Explorer, it displays "Error 0x80070021: The process cannot access the file
because another process has locked a portion of the file."

This is the output of remote-viewer:
  (remote-viewer:16120): GSpice-WARNING **: 12:58:46.205: Warning no
automount-inhibiting implementation available

  (remote-viewer:16120): phodav-WARNING **: 12:58:57.910:
code should not be reached

  (remote-viewer:16120): phodav-WARNING **: 12:59:04.714:
code should not be reached

  (remote-viewer:16120): GSpice-WARNING **: 12:59:04.793:
(../spice-gtk-0.38/src/channel-webdav.c:330):demux_to_client_cb: runtime
check failed: (size == c->demux.size)
  phodav-Message: 13:00:06.047: missing lock: /testfile
  phodav-Message: 13:00:06.062: missing lock: /testfile
  phodav-Message: 13:00:06.076: missing lock: /testfile

I read that the first GSpice error always occurs on non-GNOME host
environments. The phodav error occurs whenever I view the root directory of
the share, or try copying/writing to a file anywhere in the share. The
second GSpice and other phodav messages occur when copying/writing a file
in the share.

This occurs both with remote-viewer, and spicy. The same result occurs
whether or not I have the "Read only" checkbox in remote-viewer checked.

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