[Swfdec] swfdec-0.4.0 released

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Dec 29 07:50:42 PST 2006

After starting a hacking spree and being rather silent about for the last 
3 moths, going on and on about it, I've finally made releases. So here 
they are.

swfdec-0.4.0 "festivally plump"
MD5: 157d31c9dc02aa22b5f27323e5a203fc

Swfdec is a library for reading and playing back Shockwave Flash files. 
A focus compared to 0.3.6 has been on improving interactivity and adding 
better ActionScript support.

swfdec-mozilla-0.4.0 "They killed Kenny"
MD5: d14c35a7f1eda647efd227f1857fad16

This includes a Netscape/Mozilla plugin for playing back Flash files in 
browsers using Swfdec.
Unlike in previous versions, the plugin is shipped in a seperate package.

Swfdec is currently in a state of heavy development, so don't be surprised if
it behaves in weird ways. It might kill browsers, Kennys, kittens and maybe 
even monorail cats. But it will make it possible to design your Planet 
Freedesktop hackergotchi using completely Free Software.

In other news, the Swfdec project has also moved to freedesktop.org, but 
unfortunately not managed to setup a web page yet. This is scheduled for when 
I've figured out how to edit pages in its wiki.



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