[Swfdec] swfdec in firefox on Fedora8 x86_64

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 09:51:08 PST 2007

> > > > I've tried swfdec on Fedora 8 x86_64 without much luck. I originally
> > > > used the rpms from livna. I primarily want it just to view youtube
> > > > videos which from various blog posts I thought worked. It seems to
> > > > detect the flash but i just get a white background (it does detect a
> > > > plugin as you don't get the jigsaw piece).
> > > >
> After rereading this, I realized that you are probably talking about
> the embedded Youtube videos. If that is the case, those indeed show a
> white rectangle with no contents. This is because Youtube recently
> changed their embedded player SWF and the new one unfortunately
> doesn't work in Swfdec yet.

Yes, didn't know you could any other way unless you mean an app
similar to the YouTube app on the iPhone/iTunes Touch.

I suppose their changes are to support the move from .flv to h.264
like they're moving to for the mobile youTube stuff (iToys). Is there
a swfdec app that does this?

After a bit of a play with the build I got it all building, and with
presumably the commit you did not that long ago I get video (Yay) but
no audio. Ideas?

> > Version 0.5.3 compiles either way fine but git doesn't so its been a
> > regression since then.
> >
> Actually it's not, because git always uses stricter compilation
> options to detect more bugs and make the developers fix those asap.
> Releases are a lot less strict, so 0.5.4 will work fine again.

Ah OK, that would explain it then :)


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