[Swfdec] Swfdec 0.6.4 released

Benjamin Otte otte at gnome.org
Wed Apr 9 01:47:56 PDT 2008

Here's the release of Swfdec 0.6.4.

This is a security release, please update as soon as possible.

swfdec-0.6.4 "College Humor"
MD5: a1568696246889109b884cb5434e81fc

fixes in this release:
- fix a security problem that allowed remote Flash files to read local files.
- fix a rare crash in TextField.replaceText
- fix a rare crash during cleanup

Swfdec still follows the no-crashes-allowed policy. Should you still
succeed in finding a crasher, please immediately file a bug at

For more information about Swfdec, see http://swfdec.freedesktop.org


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