[Swfdec] Mozilla windowless plugin

Benjamin Otte otte at gnome.org
Tue Apr 22 15:19:38 PDT 2008


I've just landed support for windowless mode to swfdec-mozilla git.
This means that pages such as
http://www.communitymx.com/content/source/E5141/wmodeopaque.htm stack
properly with Swfdec now. Menus overlayed with Flash ads should be a
thing of the past, too.

It also means Swfdec is the first plugin to support windowless on
Mozilla/Unix. While this means we now have another feature that
Adobe's player doesn't have, it also means we get to find the bugs in
Here's the ones I know:
- On redraw events the leftmost column of pixels isn't repainted. This
causes weird stripes on some pages, a good example being
http://www.youtube.com I think this is Mozilla's fault, but I'm not
- There is no way to set the mouse cursor. Swfdec uses the default
mouse cursor all the time for windowless plugins.
- Swfdec receives only left mouse button clicks. So no chance to stop
a playing Flash file anymore or get at its properties.

These deficiencies are pretty major, so I'll likely disable this
feature when doing 0.7 releases, but I'll leave it enabled for now, so
it gets testing. If you don't want the feature, at the top of
src/plugin.c, there's a #define ENABLE_WINDOWLESS. If you comment that
line or remove it, you'll not be getting this feature. Or you can just
continue using Firefox 2. ;)

And a question to the Mozilla guys: I've been wondering how to best
proceed with these issues. Should I just file bugs about it on
bugzilla.mozilla.org containing "if you run Swfdec git, you'll see
that..." or do you guys need better test before you consider looking
at these bugs?


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