[Swfdec] [Bug 16817] Flash opens in new window when leaving a page

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--- Comment #16 from Karl Tomlinson <bugs.freedesktop at karlt.net>  2008-08-03 14:07:32 PST ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> The attached replacement for plugin.c source has no references to swfdec, yet
> it leaves open windows on Fedora Development, but not on Fedora 9.

That's very useful, thank you.  It's a very minimal plugin, suggesting that the
problem is some interaction between browser (Mozilla and webkit) code and their
libraries rather than anything to do with swfdec-mozilla.

Note that Gentoo doesn't provide 2.13 versions of gtk+, and Daniel was seeing
this on Gentoo, so that would seem to rule out the gtk+-2.13 theory.  (I
haven't been able to reproduce myself, on amd64 Gentoo.)

> What we need is to get a correctly working plugin and reduce it to a
> similar minimal form to find out when the empty windows begin to appear.

Diamondx is a simple plugin that would be interesting to test.  It uses the
XEmbed API rather than the old Xt API (used by swfdec-mozilla).


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