[Swfdec] Some updates

Benjamin Otte otte at gnome.org
Sat Aug 16 04:12:48 PDT 2008

Hey everybody,

I've been doing some thinking about the upcoming release while
enjoying my holidays and playing with ABC support. The ABC support
will require significant changes to the core that will likely result
in some instabilities for a while in the core. Seeing that both bug
reports and commits on master currently are low in volume, I'd vote
for fixing the few rather annoying bugs we have (the one or two
crashers in the plugin) and doing an 0.8 as soon as possible. After
that I'd like to concentrate on getting ABC support ready for 0.10
next March.

However, this is a huge task. For comparison: AS2 has roughly 500 (I
think?) native functions that we need to support. ABC has 1800. While
we can grab roughly 500 of them from Tamarin, there'll still be twice
as many left. Add to this that ABC exposes quite a few internals of
the Flash player that we didn't have to care about before (for example
DisplayObject and the whole MovieClip object hierarchy), so we'll
likely need to adapt internals of Swfdec. Nothing huge, but noticable.

So anybody wanting to follow my development in the next few months -
or better: help with it! - go and read
www.adobe.com/devnet/actionscript/articles/avm2overview.pdf now. :)


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