[Swfdec] some thoughts about both ffmpeg and gnome

Dennis Heuer dh at triple-media.com
Thu May 1 08:06:57 PDT 2008


i tried swfdec a year ago and didn't find it suitable. this is why i
now first tried gnash. however, it wants alot of uncommon dependencies
and dumped alot of error messages. this is why i tried taking a second
look at swfdec. im surprised to find that all of my most favourite games
work. only that i have to click on the somewhat blurry "play" image is
quite boring. however, swfdec doesn't draw this hell lot of
dependencies and even allows for choice.

The choice, however, makes me think. first, the standalone-player needs
gnome and not just gtk+. i'm running xfce and thus can't use it.
second, one can choose ffmpeg instead of gstreamer. however, there's no
stable ffmpeg-release, which makes swfdec hanging behind and not being
able to use the installed ffmpeg, which is most probably a younger
git/svn-download(?). possibly, depending on xine-lib, which includes its
own ffmpeg-version, would be better? xine is also, beside mplayer, the
most common alternative to gstreamer.

what you think?


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