[Swfdec] [Bug 18221] Video pauses within a few seconds

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Sat Nov 8 14:10:35 PST 2008


--- Comment #3 from Benjamin Otte <otte at gnome.org>  2008-11-08 14:10:34 PST ---
> Youtube videos don't play correctly. If I do nothing and just let the video
> play, the video usually stays at one fixed frame until I scroll around the page
> a bit. I have a pretty weak processor - 630 Mhz (standard downclocked Eee PC
> processor)
This has to do with Swfdec skipping the rednering of frames when the CPU is
fully loaded. Unfortunately, it might just skip _all_ frames, which results in
the image never updating.
So the reason Swfdec does not play Youtube is that its script interpreter is
too slow for your computer - or vice versa: your computer is too slow for
Swfdec, your choice :)
Out of interest: Does Adobe's player work?

> when I just download the FLV file and play it in Totem the
> video DOES play at full speed.
See http://swfdec.freedesktop.org/wiki/FAQ for why this happens.

> I wonder if I should file a seperate bug report because this thing has only
> been reported in comments, it seems... This bug persists for me in a freshly
> compiled 0.8.2.
I don't think filing "Swfdec's script interpreter is too slow" is a useful
idea. It's very unlikely to go away very soon, unless people show up to spend
time optimizing the script interpreter. I'm personally way more interested in
reaching feature parity with Adobe's player than in being faster, so you're
unlikely to see it becoming lots faster.

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