[Swfdec] AS context->global not an object problem

Benjamin Otte otte at gnome.org
Thu Feb 11 07:08:51 PST 2010


I think the method that would work best with Swfdec right now is to
write a custom loader class that implements a custom scheme. And then
you'd just use LoadVars.load ("myscheme://mycommand") and
LoadVars.onData/onLoad to parse the reply.
All the other methods of IPC (like ExternalInterface or RTMP) aren't
really implemented in Swfdec unfortunately.


On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 7:15 PM, Paul Brooker <paul at thefunnyfish.net> wrote:
> Hi Benjamin,
> Thanks for your reply. Ok, so im guessing im not going about it the right way. I plan to use swfdec as a user interface for an embedded arm device so
> im not really using it in its conventional manner.  Can you suggest a way to set variables using the public API? Maybe by creating a new buffer/stream
> which i assume is how loadVariables works... or maybe theres some mechanism in place for when the player is used as a plugin to enable SetVariable via
> javascript? Ive had a quick look through swfdec-mozilla but nothing jumped out at me.
> Cheers, Paul
> Benjamin Otte wrote:
>> Yeah, this is one of the places where something nonobvious happens.
>> SwfdecPlayer unsets the current global object unless it is actually
>> executing code. This is because multiple global objects can exist at
>> the same time due to the Flash security model (feel free to google it
>> up, I'm not gonna get into details).
>> The internal Swfdec code uses the functions
>> swfdec_sandbox_use()/swfdec_sandbox_unuse(), but they are not exported
>> as public API.
>> So I don't think there's any chance for a user of the public API to
>> modify the state of the Flash player currently. Certainly the
>> SwfdecAsContext APIs don't work.
>> Benjamin
>> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 12:51 AM, Paul Brooker <paul at thefunnyfish.net> wrote:
>>> Hi, another quick question,
>>> Im trying to set a variable within the flash movie at runtime. Im trying to set the variable triggered by fscommand, the code im using so far is...
>>> static void
>>> do_fscommand (SwfdecPlayer *player, const char *command, const char *value)
>>> {
>>>   SwfdecAsValue val;
>>>   SwfdecAsContext *context;
>>>   if (g_str_equal (command, "test")) {
>>>     context = SWFDEC_AS_CONTEXT (player);
>>>     SWFDEC_AS_VALUE_SET_STRING (&val, "success!");
>>>     swfdec_as_object_set_variable (context->global, swfdec_as_context_get_string (context, "teststring"), &val);
>>>   }
>>> }
>>> Firstly, im not sure if this is the correct approach, but more importantly it fails because there appears to be no global object. Ive tested that the
>>> context is in a running state which it is, plus ive tried sticking similar code in swfdec_as_context_startup which works ok, so i know context->global
>>> is valid at this point. Im guessing theres something fundamental im not understanding!
>>> Im hoping someone can help shed some light :)
>>> Thanx, Paul
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