[systemd-devel] systemd and archlinux: questions

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Sun May 9 13:27:38 PDT 2010

On Sun, 09.05.10 22:01, Marius O (marius at habarnam.ro) wrote:

> Hello everyone,


> I see no activity yet on this mailing list, so I'll just ask a couple
> of questions. Even if they were answered on IRC, it would be a good
> idea to have the answers somewhere for future reference.
> 1. How do we convince systemd to mount the /etc/fstab entries. I have
> tried something[1] using comment= but no luck so far. I don't exactly
> know what comment should be equal with, the man page of fstab doesn't
> help either. Any clarifications regarding .mount units would be very
> helpful at this stage.

Every local mount in /etc/fstab will be added as a dependency to
local-fs.target, and every remote mount to remote-fs.target. If you pull
those two in by default.target then everything from /etc/fstab will be
mounted during boot.

> 2. If we utilize scripts as executables, in the process of migrating
> from existing sysv scripts, what exactly should happen in order for
> the service calling the script to know everything went ok or not.

Not sure I understand the question.

But like everything on Unix you are supposed to return 0 when you
succeed. Note that systemd by default considers services with no running
process failed. You need to set ValidNoProcess=yes in the .service files
to tell it that having a service around with no process is OK. This
especially necessary if another service depends on this service and
shall continue to run.

> 3. If all else fails, how do we tell systemd to use existing sysv init
> scripts ?

For every service referenced systemd will first look for native service
configuration files, and if they don't exist look for SysV init
scripts. You should not need to make any adjustments for that...


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