[systemd-devel] getty login prompt overlaps with service starting messages

Andrey Borzenkov arvidjaar at mail.ru
Fri Oct 8 11:18:13 PDT 2010

it seems that getty at .service is started in parallel with other
(legacy) initscripts. In my case it results in getty being started
very fast, and then prompt is hidden behind flood of Starting ...

Legacy init started getty only after all initscripts are completed. is
there any defined checkpoint (target) that can be used to ensure
similar synchronization?

This can probably be ignored for run level 5 as output is hidden
anyway, although even in this case switching to text console will show
some random text instead of login prompt. I believe, getty should be
delayed until all service has been started.

Interesting v10 did not have this problem. Also v11 displays much less
dependencies than v10 for initscript services. I am not yet sure what
has changed.

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