[systemd-devel] /sys/subsystem device dependency not working

Albert Strasheim fullung at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 01:52:30 PDT 2011


On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:41 AM, Lennart Poettering
<lennart at poettering.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 18.08.11 22:03, Albert Strasheim (fullung at gmail.com) wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I am trying to use systemd-26 to configure a network device.
>> I've decided to try this instead of the standard Fedora init scripts
>> because I want the network configuration to depend on a kernel command
>> line argument (which should be possible as soon as
>> ConditionKernelCommandLine=foo=bar gets fixed) and some files that are
>> generated during bootup.
>> I spotted the following in /lib/udev/rules.d/99-systemd.rules:
>> SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL!="lo", TAG+="systemd",
>> ENV{SYSTEMD_ALIAS}="/sys/subsystem/net/devices/%k"
>> I understood this and the comment above it to mean that I could add a
>> dependency on sys-subsystem-net-devices-em2.device to my service that
>> configures the device.
> Yupp, this should work.
> If you do "systemctl --full" you should see your interface .device unit
> in the list. Do you? Can you do "systemctl show -p Names ...." for that unit?
> Do you see the alias name properly added to the device?

Thanks, I see the alias name, but sys-devices-pci...-net-em1.device's
alias is sys-subsystem-net-devices-eth0.device.

I think your change at


will fix this.

I'll retry with the right alias name or the fixed udev rule.



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