[systemd-devel] Making "noauto" and "automount" independent

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Fri Feb 18 05:45:27 PST 2011


I have the following usecase, that might be a common one (I'm not sure).

In addition to my root partition I have two partitions that I use with
"comment=systemd.automount" and this works well. However, I think it
could be optimized, so I want to ask your opinion about the following
(I'll prepare a patch if people agree it is a good idea).

One partition (let's say /boot) is almost never used and it is tiny,
so it should not be fsck'ed or mounted unless it is actually accessed
(and this is how it works now, great!).

The other partition (let's say /home) is always used, it is huge, and
it is on a slow rotating disk. In other words, I want to use it with
automount so that boot can continue as far as possible without the
partition being available (which is how it works now). However, I
would like to start fsck'ing it as soon as possible, rather than wait
for the first access. This is not happening now.

There is a very easy fix: make automount, and noauto independent. The
way things work now, automount implies noauto, but there is no reason
it needs to be like this.

In other words, if /boot has options
"noauto,comment=systemd.automount" it works the way it does now. If
/home has options "comment=systemd.automount", without the "noauto",
then the mount unit is pulled in by local-fs.target.


local-fs.target Wants/After boot.automount (like now)
local-fs.target Wants/After home.automount (like now) and Wants home.mount (new)



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