[systemd-devel] Mounting /dev/pts

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Mon Jan 3 16:23:28 PST 2011

> > noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620.
> > I guess Wulf's point isn't, that options in /etc/fstab are not applied
> > but rather that systemd should mount /dev/pts with those options.

Indeed. Thanks for point it out, Michael.

> Hmm, I normally would be happy to do that, but I am a bit concerned
> about the gid=tty parameter. Before we pass that off to the kernel we'd
> have to look that up and pass a numeric gid on. 

Yes, that's what I failed at. :)

> Hence I'd actually prefer if people apply this in /etc/fstab.

Well, that would work for new installations but programatically fiddling with 
an existing fstab is, IMHO, dangerous, too. I can't really compare that with 
the dangers of NSS lookups in early userspace, though.

Educating users to make such a change in existing installations themselves 
would theoretically be possible but at least my experience as a distro dev is 
that you'd have to physically nail such a notice to a user's head in order to 
make them notice (not to speak of actually doing) anything.

Another (rather daring) option would be to try defining "well-known" GIDs (e. 
g. from what I've seen tty has usually GID 5) and use that to avoid the need 
to look the GID up.

Anyway, having systemd mount /dev/pts with the above options would be the best 
solution, IMHO.

Best regards, Wulf
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