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Patrascu, Cristian Cristian.Patrascu at windriver.com
Thu Jul 14 06:17:53 PDT 2011

I've changed the options, it was indeed confusing, sorry for that. 
Very good observation, Thank you!

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On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 12:35 AM, Patrascu, Cristian
<Cristian.Patrascu at windriver.com> wrote:
> Patch adds functionality to apply certain cgroups limits, such as shares of cpu, memory limit and blkio.
> Unit files of type Service, Mount, Swap and Socket have new options (under corresponding [Service], [Mount], [Swap], [Socket] option group ):
> - "MemoryHardLimit" accepts int64 value (considered bytes), puts the value in "memory" cgroup (if defined) in file "memory.limit_in_bytes" ;
> - "MemoryLimit" accepts int64 value (considered bytes), puts the value in "memory" cgroup (if defined) in file "memory.soft_limit_in_bytes" ;

nitpick, but still

you define MemoryHardLimit to set limit_in_bytes
you define MemoryLimit to set soft_limit_in_bytes

that's confusing, since "MemoryLimit" does not set "limit_in_bytes".

Why not just 1:1 map this to cgroup naming instead:

MemoryLimit -> limit_in_bytes
MemorySoftLimit -> soft_limit_in_bytes

seems so trivial to do that instead...

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