[systemd-devel] use /run instead of /dev/.run

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Mon Mar 28 14:55:28 PDT 2011

Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> mount --bind /var/run /mnt
> mount /var
> mount -M /mnt /var/run
This doesn't work. It means there is a period during boot where
/var/run suddenly vanishes (when mount the separate /var).

You have to do:

mount DEV_OF_VAR /mnt
mount --bind /var/run /mnt/run
mount -M /mnt /var

We do this in Ubuntu. But I would certainly support a new "/run" to
replace all the previous incarnations; viz. "/lib/init/rw",
"/dev/.initramfs", "/dev/.run", "/var/run" & "/var/lock"; with one
true location that's always writable during boot.


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