[systemd-devel] Understanding of OnFailure= and Restart= in conjunction with watchdogs

David.Yates at continental-corporation.com David.Yates at continental-corporation.com
Mon Apr 16 03:00:36 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I have spent some time reading through the archives and the online 
resources but wanted to clarify a couple of issues if possible.

As I understand I can specify using the watchdog functionality that a 
process will notify systemd at regular intervals. If it does not then 
systemd will assume that it is dead and if I specify Restart=on-failure  
it will attempt to restart the .service.

I can then use a combination of the flags StartLimitInterval, 
StartLimitBurst and StartLimitAction  to ensure that I do not get a state 
of cyclic service restarts.

My assumption is that at this point, if I have specified that 
StartLimitAction=none, systemd will mark the service as dead and will call 
the service that I have specified in OnFailure.

This will then let me internally log this failure and take some service 
specific recovery actions.

Is my understanding correct?

Thanks for looking and any input you might have,

David Yates

Software Architect System Software

Continental Automotive GmbH
Interior Infotainment & Connectivity
Philipsstrasse 1, 35576 Wetzlar, Germany

Telefon/Phone: +49 6441 370-8289
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