[systemd-devel] Requires too weak, BindTo too strong

Chris Paulson-Ellis chris at edesix.com
Wed Feb 1 10:54:40 PST 2012

I've got a client service (client.service) that requires a server 
service (server.service). They are weakly coupled by a polling http 
protocol, but the client needs to restart when server does or it can get 
into trouble in it's state machine (and can't easily be re-coded to cope).

If I use Requires=server.service in client.service, then the client 
correctly restarts when systemctl is used to restart server.service. 
However, if the server crashes and is restarted (Restart=always in 
server.service), then client is left running.

If I change Requires=server.service to BindTo=server.service in 
client.service, then the client is stopped when the server crashes, but 
it is not restarted.

Is there some way to get the client to always restart when server 
restarts, for whatever reason?


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