[systemd-devel] [HEADS-UP] Support for /dev/os-release now kinda mandatory

Michael Olbrich m.olbrich at pengutronix.de
Mon Feb 13 14:21:19 PST 2012


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 06:21:32PM +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> just wanted to let everybody know that support of /etc/os-release is now
> (kinda) mandatory in your distribution if you want to run systemd >= 43
> on it, as we have stripped support for the old per-distro files in
> git. This means that:
> a) unless you provide /etc/os-release in your distribution the build
> system will not detect your distro automatically anymore. You can work
> around this by using --with-distro= on the configure line.

This configure will not be removed unless there is no disto specific code
left, right? When cross-compiling for embedded systems the distribution of
the build host is rarely the one systemd is built for.
So please keep such things in mind when changing the build system.


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