[systemd-devel] Cannot make java exit 0 on SIGTERM

mokasin mok4sin at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 16 13:53:56 PST 2012

On 15.12.2011 16:56, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Mon, 28.11.11 15:12, Chris Paulson-Ellis (chris at edesix.com) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running a Java JVM service using:
>> ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -jar foo.jar
>> When I stop the service with systemctl, it goes into the failed
>> state because the JVM exits with status 143 instead of 0.
>> There doesn't seem to be any way to get a JVM to exit(0) on SIGTERM.
>> You can run code on the signal with Runtime.addShutdownHook(), but
>> you cannot call Runtime.exit(0) from within a shutdown hook, so you
>> cannot influence the exit status.
>> Is there any way to get systemd to treat the 143 exit status as
>> normal termination if it sent a SIGTERM? I'd rather not write a
>> signal catching C or shell-script wrapper around the JVM as I'll
>> probably introduce a race condition or other error.
> Use ExecStart=-/usr/bin/java... (i.e. add the - in there, to ignore
> failure exit codes)
> Lennart

It seems also to ignore an exit code due to an error.

If the service failed to start for an actual reason, wouldn't systemd
fail to recognize it?

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