[systemd-devel] [Linux-ima-user] [PATCH 2/2] main: added support for loading IMA custom policies

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Feb 20 09:18:29 PST 2012

On Thu, 16.02.12 15:56, Michael Cassaniti (m.cassaniti at gmail.com) wrote:

> >>>>Also, I certainly have no such things in my system and see no point in
> >>>>calling ima_setup() on it. Or even compiling the source file in such
> >>>>case.
> >>>>
> >>>Ok. I can enclose the code in ima-setup.c within an 'ifdef HAVE_IMA'
> >>>statement, as it happens for SELinux. However an issue is that there is no a specific package for IMA that can be checked to set the HAVE_IMA
> >>>definition to yes. Instead, the code can be enabled for example by
> >>>adding the parameter '--enable_ima' in the configure script.
> >>okay.
> >>
> I'm under the impression this function belongs to a userspace tool.
> If not then I just don't see a good reason that this patch is
> required. I do understand that the IMA policy should be loaded as
> early as possible, but I believe that early userspace scripts should
> be doing that work. If it is a userspace function, then whatever
> makes you happy, other distro's will roll their own.

in systemd, bootup is fully parallelized. I much prefer invoking the IMA
policy at the right time, before we spawn off the first processes,
instead of having to express that with dependencies towards all units.


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