[systemd-devel] customized shutdown service needed

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Feb 27 03:48:29 PST 2012

Am 27.02.2012 01:49, schrieb Eduardo Tongson:
> This works consistently in my setup:
> [Unit]
> DefaultDependencies=no
> Before=shutdown.target
> [Service]
> Type=oneshot
> ExecStart=script

in case of VMware-Workstation NO

i never got any automatism call my "suspend-all.sh" safety
before "vmware.service" is stopped. It is called, it gives
out the "Suspend xxx.vmx" lines but finally the machines are
not freezed, they guests are all coming up with a full
bootlog and fs-check

really frustrating, until systemd stop /etc/init.d/vmware
while reboot/shutdown suspended them without any single
problem and since upgrade to F15 you have to do this
manually to prevent damage - yes VMware-Workstation is
no part of Fedora, but however, a OS is usually used
to let software run on it

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