[systemd-devel] Has anyone written equiv of ck-xinit-session for logind?

Léo Gillot-Lamure leo.gillot at navaati.net
Mon Feb 27 18:38:10 PST 2012


I investigated a bit about creating an equivalent of ck-launch-session
(i'm interested about this because it would be possible for tmux to
create a logind session for each tmux session), and it appears

The only way to create a session seems to be the
org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.CreateSession() dbus call (the PAM
connector uses it) and you need to be root to use it.

In addition, even if you manage to workaround this limitation, if you
try to create a session from an existing one, the call will return the
id of the existing session and won't create anything.

I'd be happy, though, if the systemd devs prove me wrong.

Léo Gillot-Lamure

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