[systemd-devel] login: dbus equivalent of sd_pid_get_session ?

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Fri Jan 27 13:51:52 PST 2012


I am wondering if there is a dbus API equivalent of sd_pid_get_session from
sd-login.h  I know ConsoleKit provides a dbus API for it but I couldn't find
something similar in login1 dbus interface. AIUI login1 is the future so just
want to make sure I'm not using anything deprecated.

Reason for wanting this call is that in virt-manager we authenticate with
libvirt using policykit, and we get perennial bug reports from users launching
virt-manager over ssh -X and having policykit opaquely deny them access. In
this case I want virt-manager to go out and talk to ConsoleKit or login1 and
verify that they don't have a session, then give the user a more helpful error.


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