[systemd-devel] Minimal builds

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jun 21 08:49:58 PDT 2012

'Twas brillig, and William Hubbs at 21/06/12 16:14 did gyre and gimble:
>> Well, maybe those who need a udev-only build could instead coordinate their 
>> efforts so there only needs to be one set of patches/*.pc hacks/cherry picking 
>> scripts.  Maybe the systemd maintainers could accept such a thing for a 
>> contrib/ subdir?
> Something needs to be done, because there are clearly people across
> multiple distros who need a udev only build for whatever reason.

While I myself have no particular interesting a split build (other than
general curiosity) I can see the arguments from both sides quite clearly.

I think the above suggestion is the right one.

Ultimately Lennart is being quite honest in saying they he will likely
break the split build intentionally if the patches were merged simply
because the upstream folks would not be testing this kind of thing
regularly. I suspect people would be almost as annoyed at this occurring
as they would be with no split build support at all and it wouldn't
really be a positive reflection of the project as a whole either.

So I very much understand this need.

If no pkg-config based solution works (which I hope it will in the
medium term) then as Lennart said in his original replies, I think it
would be correct and sensible if someone stepped up to maintain a light
fork of the systemd repo that contained the necessary build changes.

This would not restrict upstream guys from making releases as and when
they need and would act as a sensible central point for those that need
the capabilities to get their alternative tarballs or patches from.

I'm sure there would be no problem editing the wiki to point at this
place. If you are regularly updating to the latest udev then it likely
doesn't take too much time to update this repository and spin new
patchsets/tarballs if you so wish.

Perhaps, when a full pkg-config support solution is available, then
these dummy pkg-config files can be shipped in a contrib folder in the
upstream distro for convenience at which point this fork would no longer
be necessary (and depending on timescales this might happen before any
fork anyway!)

So fingers crossed for a positive outcome :)



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