[systemd-devel] Hosting a sprint in SF?

David Strauss david at davidstrauss.net
Thu Jun 28 16:06:38 PDT 2012

My company just moved into a new office at California and Grant
(Chinatown, near the Financial District) in San Francisco -- finally
with enough space to host a sprint. We use systemd extensively (100+
production Fedora instances) and would like to host a sprint at our
office. My personal goal is "journald everywhere," but I would be
happy to see better systemd support in other areas.

I can almost certainly sponsor travel for some people with a history
of contributing to systemd/low-level Linux or projects/languages we'd
like to support.

Namely, it would be great to work on the following:

 * journald logging libraries for every major language. Python and PHP
are deep into being kicked off. Java, Ruby, and node.js are next on my
 * Once a language has journald support, build application-level
integration. For example, Drupal's watchdog could go field-for-field
into journald. Jenkins could have a plugin for build and
administration logs. Twisted's log facility could send to journald.
 * Tools to automatically ship journald logs off to systems like
Graylog2 and Flume. This is possible now in the
lowest-common-denominator of syslog, but we could be preserving
 * Documentation and examples for the native journald APIs
 * Documented deployment strategies for recording append-only logs of
the hash chains
 * Other suggestions?

I also have some general systemd goals:

 * Better support and documentation for services running with systemd
doing the daemonization and privilege dropping
 * Adding application support for socket inheritance (as we sponsored
for Twisted)

I'd like to feel out people's interest and travel schedules in this
thread. With a week of time from the right people, we could kick off a
major improvement in logging and journald uptake.

David Strauss
   | david at davidstrauss.net
   | +1 512 577 5827 [mobile]

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