[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 195

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Oct 22 17:56:14 PDT 2012


A non-trivial amount of cool new features, but primarily bug fixes bug
fixes bug fixes.

Note that I intend to make this the final version we push into Fedora
18. systemd 196 will be the first release we commit to Fedora 19. This
might or might not be a good idea for other distros to keep in mind, if
you guys need something stabilized. From now we'll just backport
cherry-picked fixes to F18, the way this is done for F17. So it might be
cool to watch our F18 packaging repo.

Oh, and one more thing. In Fedora I added
"cap_dac_override,cap_sys_ptrace+ep" as file capabilities to
/usr/bin/systemd-detect-virt, so that this useful tool works for
unprivileged users too. (Yeah, cap_sys_ptrace sounds crazy, but Linux
sucks, it's required to read a few things off /proc/1/). The systemd
makefile will do the same, but if you package systemd for your distro
with RPM or suchlike you probably need to declare this explicitly in
your spec file. Note that not adding these caps is not a problem, you'll
just get a clean permission error if you run it as non-privileged
user. Also nothing depends on this being run as unprivileged user that I
was aware of, so this is really just about making a useful tool more
widely available, and not really a dependency for anything.


        * journalctl gained the new --since= and --until= switches to
          filter by time. It also now supports nice filtering for
          units via --unit=/-u.

        * Type=oneshot services not may use ExecReload= and do the
          right thing.

        * The journal daemon now supports time-based rotation and
          vacuuming, in addition to the usual disk-space based

        * The journal will now index the available field values for
          each field name. This enables clients to show pretty drop
          downs of available match values when filtering. The bash
          completion of journalctl has been updated
          accordingly. journalctl gained a new switch -F to list all
          values a certain field takes in the journal database.

        * More service events are now written as structured messages
          to the journal, and made recognizable via message IDs.

        * The timedated, localed and hostnamed mini-services which
          previously only provided support for changing time, locale
          and hostname settings from graphical DEs such as GNOME now
          also have a minimal (but very useful) text-based client
          utility each. This is probably the nicest way to changing
          these settings from the command line now, especially since
          it lists available options and is fully integrated with bash

        * There's now a new tool "systemd-coredumpctl" to list and
          extract coredumps from the journal.

        * We now install a README each in /var/log/ and
          /etc/rc.d/init.d explaining where the system logs and init
          scripts went. This hopefully should help folks who go to
          that dirs and look into the otherwise now empty void and
          scratch their heads.

        * When user-services are invoked (by systemd --user) the
          $MANAGERPID env var is set to the PID of systemd.

        * SIGRTMIN+24 when sent to a --user instance will now result
          in immediate termination of systemd.

        * gatewayd received numerous feature additions such as a
          "follow" mode, for live syncing and filtering.

        * browse.html now allows filtering and showing detailed
          information on specific entries. Keyboard navigation and
          mouse screen support has been added.

        * gatewayd/journalctl now supports HTML5/JSON
          Server-Sent-Events as output.

        * The SysV init script compatibility logic will now
          heuristically determine whether a script supports the
          "reload" verb, and only then make this available as
          "systemctl reload".

        * "systemctl status --follow" has been removed, use "journal
          -u" instead.

        * journald.conf's RuntimeMinSize=, PersistentMinSize= settings
          have been removed since they are hardly useful to be

        * And I'd like to take the opportunity to specifically mention
          Zbigniew for his great contributions. Zbigniew, you rock!

        Contributions from: Andrew Eikum, Christian Hesse, Colin
        Guthrie, Daniel J Walsh, Dave Reisner, Eelco Dolstra, Ferenc
        Wágner, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Lukas Nykryn, Mantas
        Mikulėnas, Martin Mikkelsen, Martin Pitt, Michael Olbrich,
        Michael Stapelberg, Michal Schmidt, Sebastian Ott, Thomas
        Bächler, Umut Tezduyar, Will Woods, Wulf C. Krueger, Zbigniew
        Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Сковорода Никита Андреевич


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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