[systemd-devel] have a native systemd unit for FWbuilder to share?

r017 at mailcan.com r017 at mailcan.com
Sat Sep 1 10:26:17 PDT 2012


I'm migrating my servers from sysvinit to systemd usage.

I've found distro packaging of systemd units for most deamons.   Others,
simply using the compatibility layer with an existing init.d has been

One that's been giving me some trouble is "fwbuilder".  Using just the
legacy init.d , boot-time logging is extremetly slow using systemd --
each/every fw rule gets slowly logged to console 'by' network-remotefs

[  204.908343] network-remotefs[812]: Rule _Policy 0 (global)

I've no idea why, yet.  It likely makes sense to get a native unit in

fwbuilder upstream says there is no systemd provided.

reading here,
suggests -- for, at least, legacy -- that there are load issues that
need to be 'dealt with'.

I'd rather NOT mangle firewall loading/operation, so asking here 1st --
does anyone have a 'correct' systemd unit for use with FWbuilder that
they could share?


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