[systemd-devel] alsa-restore.service seems to be too early

Вечный Студент student975 at yandex.ru
Mon Sep 3 11:58:56 PDT 2012

03.09.2012, 22:40, "Colin Guthrie" <gmane at colin.guthr.ie>:
> I would lean towards this being a kernel problem or some other rule in
> place which invalidates the action (e.g. perhaps it's restored but a
> latter call issues an "alsactl init 1").
> I don't know enough about udev or kernel side of things to really say
> where the problem lies, so it's probably one to quiz Lennart and Kay
> about once they are back from the sprints/conferences.

I see, thanks, will wait for.

P.S. I have not found an official community for systemd users, and have selected this mailing list. Is described problem appropriate to the list? I'd want to avoid any development process disturbance :)

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