[systemd-devel] alsa-restore.service seems to be too early

Вечный Студент student975 at yandex.ru
Thu Sep 13 03:30:31 PDT 2012

13.09.2012, 02:08, "Lennart Poettering" <lennart at poettering.net>:

>  Hmm, weird. I'd recommend pinging the ALSA folks about this. If the
>  control device doesn't work while the udev rules are executed this
>  sounds like a driver bug and should be fixed in the kernel!

I'm not sure all drivers writers are ready to fit their drivers/utils to udev/systemd demands :) Probably udev/systemd will win being adapted to current reality. And - yes, I know these thesis can not be true here :) But the thing is, there is the same problem with another alsa driver (and another details):


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