[systemd-devel] Cryptsetup on FakeRAID fails with timeout

Ali Lown ali at lown.me.uk
Mon Sep 17 05:07:10 PDT 2012

I am unable to get systemd to mount a LUKS partition on boot. This
LUKS partition (pdc_bhjchdjgaep5) sits on top of a fakeraid mirror set
(pdc_bhjchdjgae) of 2TB disks (sdd,sde).

I am using systemd from scm
(f6c2e28b07a0d24c68f7780fc986ac3619fdcbdb). I have also tried systemd
189, and have the same problem there.

The relevant line in fstab is:
/dev/mapper/cryptmedia /home/ali/media auto defaults,noatime 0 0
and from crypttab:
cryptmedia /dev/mapper/pdc_bhjchdjgaep5 - luks,verify

Currently, this results in the boot process stalling for 90 seconds
(default timeout) without ever displaying a password prompt. (No
entries appear in /run/systemd/ask-password/)

The relevant lines from syslog simply show the timeout
2012-09-17T12:28:45.441746+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]:
Expecting device dev-mapper-pdc_bhjchdjgaep5.device...
2012-09-17T12:28:45.441750+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]:
Expecting device dev-mapper-cryptmedia.device...
2012-09-17T12:30:15.439580+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Job
dev-mapper-cryptmedia.device/start timed out.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.441039+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Timed
out waiting for device dev-mapper-cryptmedia.device.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.442428+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]:
Dependency failed for Cryptography Setup for cryptmedia.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.443037+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Job
systemd-cryptsetup at cryptmedia.service/start failed with result
2012-09-17T12:30:15.444311+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]:
Dependency failed for /home/ali/media.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.445105+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Job
home-ali-media.mount/start failed with result 'dependency'.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.445750+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Job
dev-mapper-cryptmedia.device/start failed with result 'timeout'.
2012-09-17T12:30:15.446486+01:00 alipc-desktop-ex systemd[1]: Job
dev-mapper-pdc_bhjchdjgaep5.device/start timed out.

Notably, running the commands in systemd-cryptsetup at cryptmedia.service
manually works correctly, so this seems to be a problem with how
systemd is trying to run the commands.

Do you have any ideas how I can debug this 'timeout'? Is it a problem
due to the FakeRAID device not being a 'real' drive, so udev not
reporting something correctly?

Thanks in advance.

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