[systemd-devel] Have timers fire after boot is complete

Christian Seiler christian at iwakd.de
Thu Sep 27 05:43:34 PDT 2012

>> I haven't read all past discussions, but from what I've gathered the
>> main objection from the systemd developers is that having a 
>> catch-all
>> After=* dependency would not be the sane thing to do.
> Can you just use a Type=idle unit?
> From man systemd.service:
>   Behavior of idle is very similar to simple, however actual 
> execution
> of a the service binary is delayed
>   until all jobs are dispatched. This may be used to avoid 
> interleaving
> of output of shell services with the
>   status output on the console.

The problem here is that a Type=idle service is basically a type=simple
service and you might want to have Type=forking or Type=oneshot 
which you want to start.

Also, my patch is more generic - it allows an arbitrary time to pass
before actually running the event. My patch basically implements
Type=idle for timers.

> This isn't necessarily guaranteed to be last but I think it would
> generally be the case... unless I've misunderstood it.

Sure, there's no guarantee that it is the last, since all are executed
in parallel - just like Type=idle services.


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