[systemd-devel] when will mount / df get fixed?

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Sep 29 10:25:04 PDT 2012

'Twas brillig, and Reindl Harald at 29/09/12 17:28 did gyre and gimble:
> will this behavior get fixed in my lifetime?
> the alias for "df" is a dirty solution
> over many many years you did not need to take care
> about a large amount of mount-binds - since systemd
> was introduced in Fedora 15 it is unusable
> guys who introduce changes in the whole system
> should also take care to fix the negative impacts
> or if this is not possible not change things which
> are not broken
> [root at arrakis:~]$ /bin/df | wc -l
> 121
> [root at arrakis:~]$ alias df
> alias df='df -hT | grep -v tmpfs | grep -v cifs | grep -v /usr/local/sftp-homes | grep -v rootfs | grep -v
> /var/named/chroot | grep -v /var/tmp'

A neater df alias is:

alias df='df -hT -x tmpfs -x cifs -x rootfs | grep -vE

Tho I would always suggest not introducing a pipe and grep here due to
the arguments being given then applying to grep not the df command itself.

We've shipped a modified df alias by default for years in
Mageia/Mandriva to skip supermount mounts (long since dead I guess).

As for the output from "mount" itself, I would suggest this should
remain as it is. As a sysadmin I want to see the mounts, not hide them
because they look ugly.

I'm OK with abusing/aliasing df as it's a more user friendly command.



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