[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 201

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Apr 8 14:27:26 PDT 2013




        * journalctl --update-catalog now understands a new --root=
          option to operate on catalogs found in a different root

        * During shutdown after systemd has terminated all running
          services a final killing loop kills all remaining left-over
          processes. We will now print the name of these processes
          when we send SIGKILL to them, since this usually indicates a

        * If /etc/crypttab refers to password files stored on
          configured mount points automatic dependencies will now be
          generated to ensure the specific mount is established first
          before the key file is attempted to be read.

        * 'systemctl status' will now show information about the
          network sockets a socket unit is listening on.

        * 'systemctl status' will also shown information about any
          drop-in configuration file for units. (Drop-In configuration
          files in this context are files such as

        * systemd-cgtop now optionally shows summed up CPU times of
          cgroups. Press '%' while running cgtop to switch between
          percentage and absolute mode. This is useful to determine
          which cgroups use up the most CPU time over the entire
          runtime of the system. systemd-cgtop has also been updated
          to be 'pipeable' for processing with further shell tools.

        * 'hostnamectl set-hostname' will now allow setting of FQDN

        * The formatting and parsing of time span values has been
          changed. The parser now understands fractional expressions
          such as "5.5h". The formatter will now output fractional
          expressions for all time spans under 1min, i.e. "5.123456s"
          rather than "5s 123ms 456us". For time spans under 1s
          millisecond values are shown, for those under 1ms
          microsecond values are shown. This should greatly improve
          all time-related output of systemd.

        * libsystemd-login and libsystemd-journal gained new
          functions for querying the poll() events mask and poll()
          timeout value for integration into arbitrary event

        * localectl gained the ability to list available X11 keymaps
          (models, layouts, variants, options).

        * 'systemd-analyze dot' gained the ability to filter for
          specific units via shell-style globs, to create smaller,
          more useful graphs. I.e. it's now possible to create simple
          graphs of all the dependencies between only target units, or
          of all units that Avahi has dependencies with.

        Contributions from: Cristian Rodríguez, Dr. Tilmann Bubeck,
        Harald Hoyer, Holger Hans Peter Freyther, Kay Sievers, Kelly
        Anderson, Koen Kooi, Lennart Poettering, Maksim Melnikau,
        Marc-Antoine Perennou, Marius Vollmer, Martin Pitt, Michal
        Schmidt, Oleksii Shevchuk, Ronny Chevalier, Simon McVittie,
        Steven Hiscocks, Thomas Weißschuh, Umut Tezduyar, Václav
        Pavlín, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Łukasz Stelmach


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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