[systemd-devel] changing the "mount --make-shared /" default

Jake Edge jake at lwn.net
Fri Feb 1 11:50:01 PST 2013

[ OK, let's try this again ... since I'm impatient about it sitting in
the moderator queue, I went ahead and joined up ]

Hi Lennart (and the rest of the systemd gang),

I was quite surprised by some behavior that I found today in Fedora 18,
which I think comes from systemd.  I was trying to play with mount
namespaces and was rather surprised to find that they didn't work as
expected. After some googling, I realized that Fedora makes / a shared
mount by default.  That appears to come from:


where you say:

Setups which prefer the default of "private" should undo this change
via invoking "mount --make-private /" or a similar command after boot.

I am not sure that I want the default to be "private", but if I did,
what is the proper, systemd-ish way to do so?



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